Products: Project I

— one interaction in a similar way —

  • make a set of primitive objects with each requiring a person to interact the “same” way
  • ellipsoid(clay), cylinder(foam), rectangular prism(foam core), clay form
  • How do they belong together?-movement through impressions
  • demonstrate the development of thee objects through sketches and…

Design, Emotion, Worldview & Openness

(by: Max Stockdale and Luca Cao)

All design begins with empathy. Thinking from the perspectives of our users allows us to create more thoughtful experiences. However, empathy is only possible when we embrace different world views and be open to alternative value systems.

Emotion + Design

“All design is interaction design”Jonathan…

Mixed reality campus tour

What will technology be like in 10 years?

Project Background:

  • Client: Carnegie Mellon University
  • Target audience: Prospective students and their families
  • research and development in wearable mixed reality devices
  • blending real world and virtual to create hybrid experiences
  • Current tours are very broad and limited info
  • What information…

Forms in Context

Hybrid Exhibit Environments

“What are the boundaries of design? What are the boundaries of problems?” -Charles Eames

Things to consider:

  • scale communicates environ.
  • consider the transition(thresholds)
  • gaps=opportunity
  • physical vs. mental environ.
  • evoking emotion

Notes from “What can museum exhibit design teach us about UX design”-Scott Kirkwood

  • how…

Project 3

Project details:

  • see and translate natural and human-made forms through various mediums
  • develop 3D forms which have meaning and are aesthetically balanced and composed

Select a natural object for a form study and a computer mouse for a human-made study

Goal: Use cardstock, soap, and clay to create…

Project 2

March 25


  • form
  • habitat/environment
  • movement and behavior


  • 8 fps(20 seconds)
  • multiple scenes
  • name + animal name at the beginning of the animation
  • create your own sound/audio
  • can build off part 2 but not a requirement
  • illustrator elements brought into after effects
  • 1920x1080 px

Mar. 29


Mar. 30

Letterforms-Team 12

March 24 –28

quality of form

understanding form






mass vs. space

form/counter form


positive/negative space


condensed vs. extended

Max Stockdale

cmu design

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