Augmented Body

Max Stockdale
Aug 31, 2022


~Shannon Lin & Max Stockdale~

-experiment with ways that we can change a person’s relationship to their physical environment. These wearable, physical artifacts will be designed to impact our senses through amplification, dampening, distortion,
isolation, etc.

Aug. 30


  • sound & touch

Initial Ideas:

  • fidget toy(glove/bracelet to interact with); calming effect
  • detachable soles(dampening and amplifying noise/texture)


Sound & Touch

  • With these two sense in mind, we created detachable soles that amplify and dampen sound of someone walking while also altering the texture/touch

How does the sole change the sound when someone walks?

How does the feel of the detachable sole change the experience for the wearer?

3 types of soles:

  • slipper
  • sandal
  • heel


  • heels - augmented
  • sandals - controlled
  • slippers - dampened


  • heels(sandpaper)- aggravation
  • sandals(ridges)- control
  • slippers(cushion)- comfort