Space Analysis

Max Stockdale
5 min readJan 24, 2022

Environments Studio Project I


Develop more sensitivity to and awareness of environments themselves

Project Description

  • experience, assess, and characterize the space in which I’m remotely participating in this course
  • how it feels to occupy it, its suitability to your purpose, sensations of comfort and discomfort, productivity, and frustration
  • how space elicits emotions in me, rather than a proposal for its renovation and improvement


  • 5 minute presentation
  • One written page: breakdown/analysis/impressions/findings
  • Listing specifications: sq area, volume, illumination, openings, acoustic profile, material, furnishings, space administration, etc.

Space Persona Interview Questions:

Do you have a formal and/or a common name?

  • King Edwards apartments, #18, bedroom

Where does your space begin and leave off (boundaries)? How big are you, in volume, in area?

  • Main hallway takes you to the right, passing the bathroom and entering this bedroom. Length: 12.25 ft ; Width: 13.5 ft ; Height: 8 ft; Area: 165.375 ft squared; Volume: 1,323 ft cubed

What can be seen from your space?

  • if the door is open, only part of the hallway is visible

What’s the most distant vista?

  • my windows face a brick wall which is about 10 feet from the window; looking out at an angle, a different apartment building and parking lot is visible behind King Edwards

What other spaces are you adjacent to?

  • facing the windows, the bathroom starts at the left wall; across the hallway is another bedroom and down the hall is the living space and dining room

What are the rewards of close-up viewing?

  • I have artwork on the walls and a lot of things I’ve collected just scattered on my work desk

Where does the illumination come from?

  • two north facing windows; one overhead light that is rarely used; bedside lamp, and two desk lamps

How is it controlled?

  • overhead light has a switch located next to the door; the three lamps have switches on them; no blinds on the windows(not much direct light)

What is the quality of the lighting? (spectral profile, lux level)

  • for the majority of the day, I just have natural light; later in the evening I use three lamps that are dim, warm lighting

Is the lighting natural, artificial, a mix? (K°)

  • mix of natural and warm light

Glare issues, contrast, shadows, specular surfaces?

  • no glare, the closest side of the room is darker because I don’t have lights over there; light is mainly focused on my desk space

What do people commonly do in your space?

  • homework, workout, sleep, eat, play music, board games

Why do they choose to come to you?

  • comfortable/warm atmosphere with a bed, wooden stool, small couch, and desk chair(comfortable seating for more than one)

How long have you been where you are?

  • moved into King Edwards January 2021 with my one roommate; Built in 1917; 95 units, 9 stories

Who takes care of you? (physical maintenance; how difficult) Do you seem to be cared for and respected?

  • cleaned almost everyday, maintenance fixes heating and plumbing usually once every couple months; maintenance is somewhat easy(sweeping, laundry, emptying trash can)

What materials are you made of?

  • newly installed laminate wood flooring, yellowish plaster walls, very old wooden doors

Do people touch you? (what reactions does this elicit in them?) What posture(s) do people strike when in your space?

  • comfortable environment; hanging things up on the walls, access to two closets; relaxed

Where are your physical limits (perhaps walls?)

  • one wall with two windows, an empty wall for decorations, a wall with two closets, and a wall with a bed against it

Are there artifacts within that affect your nature and purpose? (devices, furniture) How do people treat your material self?

  • bedside fan, dresser, drafting desk, barstool, small couch, small carpet, nightstand, guitars, amp, art supplies, books; well treated and used daily

Are you a subject of conversation among people?

  • medium sized bedroom, hangout spot, good acoustics

What words do people use when describing your attributes?

  • comfortable, relaxing, warm, a little drafty, clean, “hotel”, simple, organized

Are there any predominant smells; intense or vague, good or bad?

  • faint smell of incense burning and sometimes febreze(vague but good)

What is the sound profile for the space?

  • thin walls(can hear neighbors), sounds from street, heating has a low buzzing noise, pipes adjusting, my roommate, occasionally instruments

What human behaviors do the acoustics support and which do they discourage?

  • around the size of an ideal acoustic room; facing the windows, the room is somewhat symmetrical, perfect for playing/listening to music

How do people keep track of time when in your space?

  • no clocks, can usually get a general idea from the windows

What seems to be peoples’ reaction to you?

  • indifferent, relaxed, comfortable

Do you interfere with their thoughts? How, by what means?

  • noises from plumbing and heating can be loud during the the night, occasional construction going on around the building

How do you cope with seasonal temperature shifts?

  • bedside fan and open windows for the summer; heating system controlled by the apartment building based on outdoor temp

How do you cope with daily temperature swings?

  • fan, blankets, opening/closing windows

What is your air temperature now?

  • around 70 degrees; slightly colder near the windows

What is the temperature swing from your coolest to warmest zones?

  • 65–75 degrees based on the heating

Does the air seem fresh?

  • somewhat fresh air

Where does your air come from and how often is it refreshed?

  • main areas of the apartment, hallway, and windows; refreshed every couple days

Do people use the term ”drafty” when talking about your atmosphere?

  • slightly drafty




  • warm, comfortable atmosphere
  • north facing windows
  • built in 1917
  • plaster walls, old wooden doors, new laminate wood floors
  • twin bed, drafting table, desk chair, stool, small couch, dresser